Macro Photography

Discovering tiny worlds

How were these pictures taken?

If you want to know, how I took this pictures, I want to recommend having a look at my equipment page first. If you use the Micro Four Thirds standard, you will find out, that compared to full frame, it has a wider depth of field, and is due to that more suitable for macro photography. Just turn down the aperture, so that the shutter speed does not get slower than 100ms. Then move back and forth the camera and lens when shooting in burst mode pointing at the subject. The focus will be allright at one of your pictures. All the pictures here were taken that way. If you click one of them, your browser will take you to my affiliate Page, where you can see them in higher resolution, and if you like, can order a printed version of one of my pictures!


Makro BCB_02 Makro BBR 17 Makro BBR 20 Makro BBR 35 Makro BBS 08 Makro BBS 13 Makro BBS 26 Makro BBS 38 Makro BBU 32 Makro BBX_09 Makro BCE_05 Makro BCG_16 Makro BCG_06 Makro BCK_08 Makro BCK_23 Makro BCK_32 Makro BCK_35
Makro BCK_07 Makro BCL_05 Makro BCE_16


Makro BBS 33 Makro BBT 09 Makro BBU 08 Makro BBU 13 Makro BBU 11 Makro BBU_24 Makro BBU_28 Makro BCC_19 Makro BCE_08 Makro BCK_19


Makro BBR_24 Makro BBU_02 Makro BCC_07 Makro BCC_10 Makro BCC_24

Bees and Wasps

Makro BCC_20 Makro BCK_02 Makro BBX_07
Makro BBV_03 Makro BBV_05 Makro BBV_12


Makro BCE_04 Makro BCK_28 Makro BCK_34
Makro BBU_18


Makro BBU_26 Makro BCK_10 Makro BBX_05
Makro BCI_02 Makro BCK_09 Makro BBU_38

Other Insects

Makro BBS_18 Makro BBU_22 Makro BBU_25 Makro BCE_12 Makro BCK_06 Makro BCK_27 Makro BCK_33